Jam Session

The jazz jam session  has found its regular home at the White Hart in Wolvercote.  Every LAST Wednesday of the month (Except Dec and July when it is the second week for the holiday season). 

We will be running the jam session in the outside marquee for the following dates: July 28th

Aug 25th

September 24th  

Starts 8 pm and finishes at 10.30pm.

 Players and punters welcome. Suggested voluntary donations £5 for the session. 

And it is organised as follows:

Audience members are most welcome to come along  and see the local jazz artists jam.

The session will be MC'd by Trish (who will have a clip-board at the ready to assemble the set-list).

Anyone can put up a tune each and  players will be invited up to take part.   If there is time we will go back to the top of the list on a first come - first served.  Trish will be inviting up the front-line players/singers. Sitting in for the guitar, bass or drums can also be arranged through Trish. Please use the PA provided as there is not enough room for personal amps.   

The OJK play mainly standards to enable members to jam together within the jazz repertoire.  Please bear this in mind when putting forward your tune as you will need someone to play it!  Usually charts are not needed for well known standards but always useful to bring them just in case.  However, for 'non standard tunes, please bring along charts for the band (three concert copies plus Eb and Bb parts for horns - if at all possible) for 'non -standard' jazz tunes.  Singers need to provide space for instrumental breaks i.e. for soloists players to improvise over the form i.e. AABA.  The band members will be there to guide new comers through the ropes or see Trish

Audience members are also most welcome. It is a great show.  Starts 8:pm to 10.30 pm.  Voluntary fee £5

Band Members

Trish Elphinstone (MC/saxophones)

Peter Dixon (Guitar)

Martin Pickett or Tim Dawes (Piano)

Tim Richardson (Drums)

Esther Ng(Bass)  


May the Kitchenistas be with you......